LEGO Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Removed from the Digital Marketplace on PS4, Xbox One and PC

A new find from Eurogamer this morning is stating that the beloved LEGO Lord of the Rings title has been completely removed from the PS4, Xbox One, and PC storefronts.

The publication believes it has something to do with the licensing, as the beloved titles left stores on January first. The game is still available to purchase physically, but if you want to download quickly from the digital store, that would be a no go.

Not only is Lord of the Rings affected, but its prequel title, LEGO The Hobbit has also been removed. There is no official word on why the games have been removed from the digital marketplace, but hopefully, sooner or later WB Games addresses the issues.

With LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit now off the digital marketplace, what is your favorite LEGO title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Eurogamer