Slightly Mad Studios Releasing Their Own Console

There have been a few competitors to try and break into the video game industry with their own console. For the most part, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have firmly been on top with the three companies competing with their own unique hardware and video game exclusives. Now a new competitor is looking to get into the industry with their own console in the coming years. Slightly Mad Studios, a developer from England, is known for their various racing titles such as the Project Cars series, but it seems that in a few years they will have their own top of the line video game console.

Very little is known about this console so far but CEO, Ian Bell, spoke with Variety and give a few details as to what gamers can expect. From what Bell noted to Variety, it appears that this console will be known as the Mad Box and it will be equivalent to a fast gaming PC. This device will also be more open and allow multiple VR branded headsets to be connected with the ability for cross-platform gameplay. If everything goes according to plan, Bell will be releasing the Mad Box in less than five years, but don’t expect any exclusives. Instead, Slightly Mad Studios is looking for developers to simply create video game titles for the hardware without giving any real means to make a video game exclusive to the Mad Box.

For now, this is all speculative as its intended to compete against the next generation consoles while being priced about the same. As mentioned earlier, there have been a few attempts to make a more competitive video game console market so we’re simply going to wait and see just how big of a console this Mad Box intends to be when it gets an official reveal later this year. With that said, would you be interested in a newcomer console that can compete with the big three?

[Source: Variety]