Fallout 76 Player Owned Shops Coming Soon

Fallout 76 was a highly anticipated video game release in 2018 and since its launch, the game reception has been poor. There have been plenty of outcries over the game online which could give Bethesda some incentive to jump back into the development in order to bring out some content that players may enjoy. We expect this game to be around for quite some time which may mean that new content has already been planned for future updates and one of those updates is said to bring in new ability which will allow players to open their own shops.

The core of Fallout 76 is to allow players grow a community. In the game, players are part of a surviving group from Vault 76. Overall, the goal of Vault 76 is to open up after two decades where inhabitants can roam out into the wasteland and clear up the nuclear blast debris. From there, you’re meant to work together and build up a new civilization, but there is plenty of hostilities that roam the open world along with your fellow Vault 76 members that may deem to take over other player built settlements for their resources.

Without an actual narrative storyline, the big focus for Bethesda is to create a world where players interact and come up with their own adventures. A new means to bring in player interactivity is by allowing the ability to open up shops and sell unwanted resources. This news comes from a report made by GameSpot and its unclear just how these shops will work. From what we can gather, players can build up a shop where they can sell goods for in-game currency but we don’t know just how interactive these shops can be. For instance, we don’t know if these goods are stored at the location, if players can rob the location or even if players will have to be present. Likewise, it would be interesting to see some type of barter system in place for players to leave offers for specific goods, but again, we’re waiting for more details from Bethesda at the current moment.

Fallout 76 is available for players to purchase today on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and lastly, the PC platforms.


[Source: GameSpot]