Capcom Aims Towards Annual Releases For Multiple Franchises

If you’re looking to enjoy more big name triple AAA video game releases on a yearly basis then you may be in luck as Capcom recently announced their plans to start working at an annual release schedule. This news comes from a recent shareholders meeting where Capcom took to the floor revealing a projected growth of nearly 50% in just a few short years. However, it’s going to take quite a bit of work in order for the company to get there. That’s where the new plans of making annual releases have come into play.

Capcom has a number of great franchises within their catalog such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. However, some of these franchises fail to see a release into the market yearly, but if it’s up to Capcom, we could see plenty of great video game franchise titles launch into the market regularly. Currently, this is just news from a meeting, but it seems that development time will be cut down allowing more franchises to be worked on and released in a yearly matter. Of course, details regarding just what titles and franchises Capcom has in mind has yet to be revealed.

In the past few months, Capcom has spoken of their interest in remastering old IPs and bringing back franchises that have become retro classics now. It’s uncertain if these annual releases that Capcom had spoken about is regarding specific franchises or just video games overall. At any rate, this will still put plenty of work on developers and it could be a risky move. Some franchises that have seen an annual release have started to dwindle in numbers with the charm of these games quickly evolving into new ideas that fail to meet gamers attention or expectations.

At any rate, it would be interesting to see if Capcom starts to release a variety of franchises into the market yearly and if they are able to meet their projected growth number from the new annual plans.

[Source: Capcom; PlayStation Lifestyle]