[Video] Splinter Cell: Conviction Coop details

We previously reported the conformation of 4 coop modes(Deniable Ops) in addition to the coop story mode(prologue) for Ubisoft’s latest installment of Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Conviction, due Feb 23, 2010.
Ubisoft has released some new videos regarding coop multiplayer which proves they are hard at work to improve on the cooperative aspect of the game which was lacking in the last few games of the franchise, and only previously achieved with Pandora Tomorrow’s online mode.
The Coop story mode, Prologue, revolves around American agent Archer and Russian agent Kestrel sent deep into the heart of Russia’s dark and perilous underworld to recover four Russian EMP weapons which have been stolen and need to be retrieved before they are sold on the black market. Together, Archer and Kestrel will embark on a mission that will require their cooperation and combined skills that will test their mettle every step of the way.

Deniable Ops (4 co-op) is a series of standalone challenges set within the same four stages from the co-op story mode, plus two additional maps:

+ Hunter: Where players have to kill off all enemy NPCs on the map.

+ Infiltration: Same concept as Hunter mode, but detection by enemies automatically results in failure.

+ Last Stand: Protect an EMP warhead from waves of attacking foes.

+ Face Off: The sole adversarial mode, with players going head-to-head with a customizable number of A.I. Opponents populating the map.

Enough details, check out the trailer and developer walkthrough of Coop mode: