Lara Croft Voice Actress Taking Her Leave From Tomb Raider?

Ever since the 2013 reboot released for Tomb Raider the video game franchise received a massive resurgence. There were so many elements that worked perfectly for the video game to be such a success such as the narrative storyline and gameplay. However, one element that we can’t overlook is the incredible voice acting thanks to Camilla Luddington who portrayed Lara Croft.

We recently received the last installment in the trilogy that showcases the Lara Croft origin story with Shadow of the Tomb Raider finally out now on consoles and PC platforms. However, since that trilogy has wrapped up, we’re wondering what the development team has in mind for the franchise. One thing that we may not see continue on in Camilla Luddington as she recently gave an interview with Entertainment Tonight stating that Shadow of the Tomb Raider may be her last.

In the interview, Camilla Luddington said she knew that Shadow of the Tomb Raider would be the last installment to the trilogy showcasing the Lara Croft origin story and in a way that would be her exit from the franchise. She doesn’t give any specifics but at the same time, we’re left wondering what’s next for this franchise as well and if this means Lara Croft may have a new voice actress.

Currently, Camilla Ludington has a TV movie wrapping up called Blind Psychosis and in her personal life, she is preparing a wedding with her partner Matthew Alan. We’ll, of course, keep our eyes out on any new details regarding the franchise and if Camilla will be stepping back up to voice the character.

[Source: ET]