Rouge Trooper Will Be Getting A Movie Adaptation; To Be Directed By Duncan Jones

Following a remaster last year, Rogue Trooper the tactical third-person cover-based shooter from Rebellion is set to receive a movie adaptation wit Duncan Jones, the director of Warcraft Movie at the helm of the film.

Rouge Tropper tells the story of a genetically-engineered soldier on a mission of revenge against a fellow soldier who betrayed him and his squad. The game originally released back in 2006, but received a refreshing remaster for current-gen platforms including the Switch.

Acclaimed filmmaker Duncan Jones is to bring Rogue Trooper, a character from the award-winning British comic book 2000 AD, to the big screen.

Jones (known for Moon, Source Code, Warcraft and Mute), confirmed the new joint venture between Liberty Films and Rebellion, and revealed he will write and direct the as-yet-unnamed picture.

“For years now, I have felt a sting as Marvel and DC have poured out their entire comic roster into film.  Wonderful for their fans, but every new release I silently scream “Where’s all the 2000 AD?!”  I’m so excited to finally be able to right that wrong and bring Finley-Day and Gibbons’ Rogue Trooper, a seminal British spun war yarn, to the big screen!” said Jones.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion, said: “Rogue Trooper has always been one of my favourite old school thrills from 2000 AD. I’m very happy to be working closely with Duncan and Stuart on this project and look forward to seeing the results on the silver screen.”

Chris Kingsley, Co-founder and CTO of Rebellion, said: “The first time I met Duncan he had a Mohawk – I’m tickled pink to see he’s now brought it back with a full-on Nu blue. It shows his unique level of commitment and passion for Rogue Trooper, and that’s why we’re so excited to be working with him and his legions.”

The deal was negotiated by producer Stuart Fenegan and Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley. Fenegan will produce the film under his and Jones’ Liberty Films banner, Jason Kingsley and Chris Kingsley will Executive Produce.

Fenegan said: “Eat leaden death Nort scum!”

Rogue Trooper Redux is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam and for $24.99.