Skyrim Mods On Nintendo Switch Isn’t Currently In The Pipeline

Although Bethesda would love for mod support to be made available for Skyrim on Nintendos hybrid console, the Switch – it isn’t in the pipeline currently

Bethesda’s Director, Todd Howard broke the news to Eurogamer, stating:

“We are not actively doing that. We would love to see it happen but it’s not something we’re actively doing.”

Mods really do open up a new world when it comes to the already massive RPG Skyrim, hopefully, we’ll get to see it within the coming months. Nick Biazzo reviewed Skyrim for Switch when it released last year, check out his thoughts on the port, here.

‘This remastered version of the game generally performed well and lived up to all its promises it conveyed. A year later, at E3 2017, Bethesda revealed that Skyrim will indeed be releasing again this time on the hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.’

Skyrim for Switch is out now.