Free Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Theme Releases

Fan of Team ICO’s iconic third-person adventure title, Shadow of The Colossus? Dig free things? Then head on over to the PlayStation store and hit download on this awesome free dynamic Shadow of The Colossus theme for Sony’s PS4 console.

Because the theme is dynamic, you can expect custom icons, animations, a soundtrack from the game and a slideshow of the beautiful environments one comes across in the game.

Unfortunately, there is only one catch – you’ll need a Japanse PlayStation account to access the thematic dashboard. Luckily it’s pretty easy to create an account based elsewhere, a quick google search will give you multiple guides on how to do it.

Been playing Shadow of The Colossus? Having trouble defeating the bosses? Check out our guide on how to take down all these colossi, here.

The ‘battles’ against the colossi are really more like puzzles. Sometimes you’ll have to trick the colossus into performing a specific action. Sometimes you’ll need to use the environment to sneak around, hide, or ambush a colossus. Some of them are even more complex, with strange functions you’ll have to learn on the fly to expose their weak points. Whatever the case, we’ve provided short, to-the-point tutorials explaining each and every boss.

Source – Dualshockers