Gear Of War Series Announcement Imminent

We haven’t heard much about the once knight in shining armor of the Xbox, that is Gear of War in the past couple of months – but now it seems that we should brace ourselves. Rapper and actor Ice-T recently teased on his Twitter profile that an announcement related to the series will be coming later this week. Ice-T was the voice actor for one of the characters in the series so it isn’t out of the ordinary that he would announce this news.

In other Gears of War news, it was recently rumored that the Studio behind the series is working on a different IP. This isn’t the case, read more about it, here.

Last year we received news that the studio behind the massively successful Gears of War series is working on a new IP. While more Gears of War is certainly welcomed by fans, players were keen to see if the studio would be introducing something other than the alien blasting title.

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