The Coalition Isn’t Working On A New IP Other Than Gears of War

Last year we received news that the studio behind the massively successful Gears of War series is working on a new IP. While more Gears of War is certainly welcomed by fans, players were keen to see if the studio would be introducing something other than the alien blasting title.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has categorically denied the involvement of The Coalition in the development of a new IP. The studio was created with the aim of carrying on the franchise of Gears of War and will, therefore, continue to work exclusively on the series in question.

The news comes from the multimedia production company Storylab Productions who acts as an official external supplier of Microsoft. The Microsoft representative stated that “The Coalition is exclusively focused on Gears of War”, added nothing else alongside this.

So it seems that the work the Studio is doing will indefinitely be a new chapter in the series. Perhaps it will be a continuation of the original story or a spin-off. Who knows? We’ll probably have to wait a little longer to hear about whats going on in the Studio.