CIvilization V Sees Two New DLCs, New Civilization

civilization 5

"Civilization V" is as big a turn-based strategy game as you're going to find these days. Players of the game will be happy to know that the game is set to get even bigger with the release of a new multiplayer map pack and an all new civilization: the Polynesians.

In addition to a new civilization, the new DLC will have a new scenario dedicated to the Polynesian civilization called "Paradise Found," in which you'll play as one of four great Kingdoms to conquer the island paradise. The DLC also includes new technology and social trees

The separate multiplayer map pack contains three new maps titled "Skirmish," "Ring," and "Ancient Lake."

Both DLCs will available on Steam on March 3, and will be released along with a free map for all owners of the game.

via VG247