Flashback Creator Announces “Amy” Exclusive to PS3

A new title called "Amy" is bound exclusively to the PlayStation 3. "Amy," which is in development at the France-based VectorCell is the brainchild of Paul Cuisset, better known as the creator of "Moto Racer" and "Flashback."


The story of "Amy" takes place in December 2034, when global warming has taken an unprecedented toll on human life with the spread of disease and the occurrence of natural disasters. Set in the small Midwestern town of Silver City, players take on the role of Lana, who wakes up in the aftermath of a meteor strike. Amidst the destruction and mayhem, Lana discovers that all the people around her are afflicted by some kind of virus that makes them violent.

Lana must find her way out of the chaos before she too loses her sanity. In her escape, Lana encounters a strange little girl with whom she accompanies, and must make choices that will ultimately affect both their lives.

As Lana, players will run into infected humans, grisly creatures, military personnel and other survivors whom they must cooperate with to survive.

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UPDATE: A Factsheet

Amy is the new game by Paul Cuisset, creator of mythic games such as “Flashback” or the “Moto Racer” series.

December 2034. Global warming has taken effect, spreading disease and natural disasters around the world. The small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) has been directly affected by a comet that has come crashing down. When Lana regains consciousness, everything around her is just mayhem. Violent outbursts, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world she knew seems to have torn to Hell. As if struck by a mysterious virus, most of the ones she knew have now become part of a wild horde.

Despite her wounds, she knows she must run as far as possible to escape this nightmare: the viral process has begun inside her but she refuses to become one of them. The presence of Amy, a strange little girl who seems defenseless, will force her to make choices that will change both their lives. 

Infected humans, grisly creatures, Special Forces and even other survivors: they will have to trust and help each other to escape their pursuers in their attempt to survive.



Unique & deep gameplay that features extensive cooperation with a character to be protected

Contrary to several games with a secondary character, Amy (the child you have to protect) is neither a super warrior nor a docile character that follows you. You are able to use her small size and weight to reach inaccessible areas, ask her to do specific actions and you’ll even be able to use her mysterious gifts. But she will need to trust you and you might accept to get hurt to keep her safe.

Story-driven survival horror game set in a cinematographic atmosphere 

Amy is based on a rich, addictive and twisted story-based scenario. Strong efforts have been put on the characters backgrounds and behaviors but also on audio, sound design and a very unique use of camera setting to create emotion 

Original stealth-action gameplay  that includes fierce close combat 

Lana and Amy are often weaker than their enemies. You can choose to confront them directly by using improvised weapons for close combat. You can run or try to push them away but you can also use hiding places and prefer stealth action. Lana being infected by the virus, she mutates when exposed too long and end up dying if not cured or protected by one of Amy’s special powers. But when infected, Lana can lure her enemies and move without being attacked.

Wide range of enemies with strong AI

Lana and Amy are facing various kinds of enemies that can detect sounds, heat, movements and much move. They also can act in hordes and exchange information. Some groups of enemies being aggressive to each other, you can try to escape by triggering a fight between them.

Rarely seen before quality of graphics and animation on PlayStation Network

Amy might be one the first games on PlayStation®Network with such a level of rendering detailed modeling and motion capture animation. 

Puzzles to unravel arching storyline 
– Running, hiding and fighting are core elements of the gameplay. However, you’ll sometimes need to use your wit to get out of delicate situations.