New Sonic Game Arcade Game Has The Player Running As Well

Given that Sonic is primarily a console superstar, anytime he makes an appearance in the arcades, it's worth talking about. Though his latest title on that end, Sonic Athletics, is particular noteworthy, due entirely to the means of control.

According to Arcade Heroes, the latest addition to Sega’s Tokyo Joypolis game center, which is already filled to the brim with all kinds of crazy in concept and execution offerings (the kind that really drives home the fact that arcades are far from dead, unlike here in America), it's controlled primarily via treadmill.

On the surface alone the idea makes sense; after all, Sonic is all about running, right? Though the game appears to be centered on a track and field setting, and seven of his pals are along for the ride. Including Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and Metal Sonic. Alas, it would appear that Eggman is not a selectable character, and Lord knows he could use the exercise.

And as one might assume, as you run, Sonic (or whomever else) runs in game. And the faster you go, the faster your onscreen counterpart will move as well. Given that Sonic is all about speed, anyone who chooses him should better expect to hustle. In addition to the treadmill, there's also a jump button, since Sonic and pals are known to hop around as well.

As Arcade Heroes also notes, it's unknown at this point in time if the games are anything at all like what is already found in Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics or if these are original activities. Then again, the fact that actual running involved makes Sonic Athletics a rather unique experience already.

The game just came out last week. Expect to see super plays of the game on YouTube in due fashion.