Shooty Skies Desktop Edition Touches Down, Futuristic Update Activated

Mighty Games’ endless arcade flyer Shooty Skies has already established a cult following on mobiles, but today, its influence is about to grow stronger. A desktop version for both Windows and Mac users has arrived on Steam, bringing with it daily missions, over 200 collectible pilots, and more than twenty terrain types. Be limited by the compact screen of your smartphone no longer! Shooty Skies for PC has a widescreen view that lets your retinas absorb a much broader battlefield, and supports both keyboard and mouse or controller input.

Mighty Games is also rolling out “7bit Future”, a time-travel themed content update. As well as general gameplay improvements, it will refurbish the daily mission system and introduce ten new collectible pilots. These pilots are from the future and include the inimitable Dr Whom, Morty McFly, Beara Connor, and Hams and Jams (7Bit Hero) — the pop musicians behind Shooty Skies’ latest theme song.

Avid pilots can try out Shooty Skies on Steam for free. If you’re more of a mobile connoisseur, check it out on the App Store or Google Play.