Shooty Skies Adds a Splash of Colour With Rainbow Riders Update

Mighty Games’ uber successful arcade shooter Shooty Skies has just been refurbished with vivid new content. The ‘rainbow riders’ update, which is also an expression of support for Australian marriage equality, introduces new pilots, additional tunes and two exciting mission objectives, Hack the Node and Rescue the People.

Shooty Skies is described as an ‘endless flyer’. Like Crossy Road, it lets players control a range of cute, colourful characters with the objective of collecting coins and progressing as far as possible. However, it’s a far more aerodynamic affair, with pilots replacing gravity challenged capybaras, and enemies flinging projectiles at you to throw you off course. As well as some bug and stability fixes, ‘rainbow riders’ paints the horizon with a polychrome brush, making your flight through the air a more scintillating experience which does promise a pot of gold at the end.

Try your hand at Shooty Skies today for free on iOS or Android.