Tony Hawks Is No Longer Works With Activision

Surprised by the headline? I’m sure you weren’t. Considering the dismal failure that was Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 it shouldn’t come much of a surpise that Tony Hawks is no longer working with Activision. Taking to Twitter, the professional skater and star of the Pro Skater series announced that he is no longer working with Activision, while also pointing out that the publisher owns the franchise:

The tweets appear to be a wide response to fans who have been pinning questions on him regarding the Pro Skater servers being down, as well as the possibility of remasters for the older games. Last year the THPS5 servers went down without warning, this has been hugely problematic as the title heavily relies on server capability to make full use of the game.

Activision has gone on record to state that it does intend on releasing more remasters – wether Pro Skater games are on the list or not, well have to wait and see.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.