2D Vampire-Crusher ‘Damsel’ Updated With Extra Missions

Screwtape Studios’ dark arcade platformer Damsel has been overhauled with a hefty update. In the second episode, Supply Chain Management, players receive 25 additional missions (doubling the base game content) and must face explosive hazards and a terrifying new foe.

Supply Chain Management unlocks as soon as you obtain 25 skulls from episode one. If you thought weapon-disabling electric fields were tough, hold your bottle of Red Mist because spiked balls and sonic mines are on the way to create navigational chaos. The update also injects a new objective into the gameplay — defending the satellite dish. You’ll need to upload crucial data chunks into the satellite while fending off hordes of enemies, including notorious ceiling-clinger ‘The Black Window’.

Supply Chain Management is available now. Those eager for a taste of frantic 2D vampire hunting can check out Damsel on Steam for $9.99 USD. It’ll be exiting early access in Q2 2018. Expect Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions to drop later this year.

We named Damsel as one of our top five platformers at PAX Aus 2017.