Damsel is a Dark, Arcade Platformer That Channels Vampire Diaries

When fashion savvy vampires start taking control of the world, there’s only one way to defend our right to dress badly—destroy them with a bucketload of bullets.

That’s the idea in Screwtape Studios’ 2D platformer Damsel, a lightning-quick arcade title that marks the team’s first foray beyond the mobile realm. It’s a tribute to PC classics, and promises tight controls and smooth navigation, both essential qualities to guarantee all your dealings with the undead are as intuitive as possible.

Damsel takes place in a dreary cartoon universe where vampires are settling for Red Mist, a vampire drink (aka human blood analogue) that quenches their insatiable thirst. But there’s tension behind the scenes; Red Mist makers are allegedly preparing a secret menu with genuine human blood, and that’s where Damsel, an agent for the DSA (Department of Sanguinarian Affairs) needs to step in and stop the vampire elite in their tracks.

Damsel is currently looking for some love on kickstarter, where it’s raised $4,804 of its 50K AUD funding goal.

Those interested can download the Damsel demo right here. The final version has a February 2018 release frame (PC, Mac, Linux). Console editions will enjoy a slightly delayed release.

Source: http://damselgame.net/