Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tips Beginner’s Tutorial Guide

mvc 3

If you've picked up "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" you might be unfamiliar with how the game works. Capcom has compiled a number of good MVC3 tips to get you well on your way to competing against the likes of Justin Wong. Well, maybe not–but it doesn't hurt to dream.

Check out the MVC 3 tips list below –

#1 Take the time to mess around with all the different characters. Some of the characters that have never been in a fighting game before have some really interesting moves, and even characters that you think you know inside out – like Ryu – have something new to play around with. Experiment so that you know you have the right team.

#2 Don’t be afraid to use Simple Mode. It may make inputs easier, but winning a game of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 isn’t about who can do the most complicated moves, it’s about strategy and tactics.

#3 It’s ok to block sometimes. Honestly. If you never block, you’ll never beat somebody who does block. Not losing health is as important as dealing damage. And since you’re blocking…

#4 Use Advancing Guard! It’s easy to forget it’s there as an option when you start out. Just press the attack buttons when you’re already blocking and you’ll push your opponent away. Advancing Guard is a great way to make some space when your opponent is attacking relentlessly.

#5 Don’t mash! It’s easier said than done, but if you don’t stop mashing, you’ll never learn how to play fighting games. It’s like that eureka moment when you suddenly realise that you have to brake early in Gran Turismo to get round a corner; that temporary sacrifice of instant gratification opens up an entire genre of gaming to you. And there’s never been a better time to get into fighting games. Instead, learn the basic Light Mid Heavy chain. Almost all the characters can use it to link into pretty much anything. It’s easy to do, and is a good replacement for the mashing that you’ve just given up.

#6 Learn the timing for launching. The trick is to jump IMMEDIATELY after hitting the S button. And don’t forget to combo in the air.

#7 Don’t be intimidated by Mission Mode. They’re meant to span the entire range of skills a good MvC3 player will have after extended play. If you only make it to the third or fourth mission, don’t be disheartened. You’ll be surprised how soon you’ll be coming back to smash previously insurmountable walls.

#8 Don’t rage quit! It will increase a hidden rating you have that increases your chances of meeting other people that rage quit. Which, I guess, is fine if you don’t mind playing with dishonourable people.

#9 Have fun! It’s easy to get involved in discussions on which character is the best, and to feel that your character choice is one of the weaker ones. Remember, ‘tiering’, as it’s called, is determined by tournament players, and you might not even be able to take advantage of the things they’re doing with a certain character to make them top tier. Make your choices based on characters that you like, both from how they play and how they look. In the end you’ll enjoy your game more and who knows, maybe one day you’ll become the player people associate with that character. Many players make a name for themselves by playing with ‘weaker’ characters.

#10 And finally, always make sure your team synchronise their outfits. Red Hulk with red She Hulk and Viewtiful Joe makes a great team. So does Captain America, Chun Li and blue Iron Man. If you’re not colour co-ordinated, you’re nothing.

via PSblog