Picturesque PSVR Game ‘Moss’ Updated With New Footage

An official PlayStation Let’s Play video has put the spotlight on more gameplay from Polyarc’s upcoming title, Moss. A PSVR exclusiveMoss puts you into the role of Quill, a tiny rodent whose destiny kicks into motion after discovering a strange relic made of glass. But there’s one twist you probably weren’t expecting — you’re also a character in the game, and Quill knows you’re there.

That’s right, instead of being relegated to “passive observer” like in most games, Polyarc is giving players that little bit of extra agency. For a VR game, that’s probably a good idea. In the footage below, you can see a demonstration of how the dynamic controls work. Quill scampers around traversible environments via the left DualShock joystick, X and ☐ buttons let her jump and execute attacks, but moving the controller itself allows you to navigate a cyan orb and manipulate objects around you in ‘spiritual’ assistance to Quill — essential for solving puzzles. The camera system is of course operated by moving around the PSVR headset. I sense an inkling of both RiME and Ori and the Blind Forest, but we’ll have to wait until the release date to be absolutely sure.