ThinkGeek Presents Totaku, PlayStation’s Answer to Amiibo

You’re not quite sure how it happened, but your bedroom has transformed into a labyrinth of Pop! Vinyls, Amiibos, and rare figurines. Statues hang from the ceiling, nendoroids fill every single crevice, and yet, you want more. If that sounds like you, ThinkGeek and PlayStation have just teamed up for a new range of collectibles that will answer your most primal hoarding urges.

Enter Totaku, a GameStop exclusive lineup of popular PlayStation characters that includes Crash Bandicoot and LittleBigPlanet‘s Sackboy. Unlike Amiibo, these 10cm models won’t interact wirelessly with your PlayStation 4, and are on the whole slightly cheaper — each one is selling for $9.99 USD. The full assortment of seven characters will be available from March 23.

And the best news of all? This is only the first wave. Retailer GAME España recently published a video which showcases all figurines in a beautiful 360 rotational display. Feel free to indulge below.