Anthem Release Apparently Postponed to Next Year

BioWare is putting the brakes on science-fantasy RPG Anthem, a Kotaku report says. Originally scheduled to release in Fall of 2018Anthem is now looking at a Q1 2019 release frame — a decision which may ultimately benefit the game in the long run.

A new IP demands a steady flow of creative energy, but with the mixed reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda lingering, there is now more pressure than ever for BioWare to perform, and to perform well. Add the furore over Star Wars Battlefront II‘s loot boxes into the mix, and the thermometer keeps rising. In an interview with CBC Radio last year, BioWare general manager Aaron Flynn opened up about Anthem‘s development cycle, which has already spanned approximately five years. It was officially unveiled during E3 2017 in a seven minute gameplay reveal video, which showed off dynamic forest worlds, Exo-Suit flight, and general combat. According to an unnamed source, the proposed 2018 release was “never realistic”, and at this stage, BioWare is yet to specify when Anthem’s beta will be held. Perhaps this is the best approach. From a practical perspective, the delay may extinguish some hype, but it’s far more important to ensure Anthem is operating smoothly rather than pushing it out the studio doors half-baked.

Last year, a mysterious Reddit post hinted at the possibility of a VR Anthem edition, but given the context — a BioWare staff Christmas party — it’s just as likely that it was a game demo. Blast.