Anthem: Setting, Narrative, And More | Everything We Know (So Far!)

BioWare had finally shown off their brand new IP during the 2017 E3 expo. The new title in the works is officially called Anthem which is an open-world action RPG set in the future. While E3 was our first introduction to the upcoming video game, here’s everything we know about the video game so far.

What’s The Story?

As mentioned, not too many details were released in regards to the upcoming Anthem video game. Only one trailer has been shown off, though, with that particular trailer, we know that the video game title is set in the future.

Apparently, humanity is on a new planet that is protected by a shield barrier. Players who are taking the role of a freelancer has the ability to travel beyond the wall to take out enemy threats, find new loot, and complete other various missions.


It seems that this Anthem video game will be a third-person shooter much like BioWare’s past video game franchise, Mass Effect. In order for players to transverse the world, the use of an Exo suit will be required which are known as Javelins within the video game. These Javelins will give players new powers and abilities such as the flight to soar through the open air or propel them through the depths of an ocean.

Out of speculation, it’s likely that these suits are customizable and allow players to tweak them more towards their preferred play style, but we’ll have to wait until BioWare unveils more about the video game in order to see if that’s the case.


Anthem will allow single-player along with multiplayer game modes where friends can jump into a campaign freely to help out. Likewise, secondary players can drop from a game without affecting the campaign mission.

With that said, there is no word just yet on if gamers can expect a player vs player game mode within Anthem at this time. Likewise, there are no details on if certain missions will be locked away from players if there is a notable level gap between the players.

Release Date & Platforms

Currently, the Anthem video game is slated to launch at some point during the fourth quarter of 2018 where the video game title will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. While we wait for a more specific release date to be unveiled, take a look at our video installment on everything you need to know about Anthem above along with trailer screenshots in the gallery posted below.