You Can’t Out-Bizarre Multi-Dimensional RPG Super Daryl Deluxe

Surfing on sharkboards in the desert? Check. Having a punch-on with sickly coloured, tuba-playing apparitions? Double check. You’d be forgiven for thinking a game like Super Daryl Deluxe is something born from another dimension. Technically, it is.

Artist and programmer duet Dan & Gary Games have cooked up a mighty strange RPG starring uber awkward student Daryl Whitelaw, who might just give Napoleon Dynamite a run for his money. Daryl attends a multidimensional high school where classrooms transform into portals to alternate worlds, and like most teenagers, he wants nothing more than to make friends.

Fate, however, has other things in store for him. Daryl chances upon a self-help book that imparts him with the knowledge of supernatural abilities, changing his world forever.

As an unlikely hero, Daryl now has the responsibility of figuring out what caused mobs of monsters to materialise in the halls of Water Falls High School, and with some luck, obliterate them. Thanks to the self-help book, Daryl has 45 ridiculous powers at his disposal, ranging from rubber duck arrows to rhinoceros hammers. In addition to a 15 hour story campaign, there are also entertaining side quests that are opportunities to increase social standing, acquire passive abilities, or merge odds and ends into formidable ammunition.

Super Daryl Deluxe is slated to release in Spring 2018 for PC and PlayStation 4. Those interested can put it on their Steam wishlist today.