There Won’t Be Any Xbox One X Bundles This Holiday

With the Xbox One X having released right at the perfect time as we move closer to the holiday season, one would think that Microsoft would capitalize on the option of bundling a game or extra controller with souped-up console. Unfortunately, it seems that this won’t be the case as Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing at Microsoft’s Xbox division has confirmed via Twitter.

Twitter user Nomorepony posed the question:

“Are there going to be Xbox one X bundles already released games like Dishonored 2, rime or new games like Destiny 2 and LA Noir this black Friday?”

Greenberg responded, stating that the company had no plans on releasing any bundles.

Financially speaking, the Xbox One X is a pretty expensive console as is – bundling the device with another controller or extra games may not work as gamers may find the extra item a little too big for their budget. That or perhaps Microsoft just isn’t planning on releasing a special edition console this year. Perhaps in 2018 there may be a change?

In other Xbox One X news, The Evil Within 2 has just received an Xbox One X patch, buffing the game on Xbox One X and PS4.

Tango Gameworks most recent patch (update 1.02) for the recently released horror title, The Evil Within 2 has been confirmed to add support for both Sony and Microsoft’s beefed up consoles.

For the PS4, players will now be able to play the title in 1260P and Xbox One X at 1800P. Both consoles also find themselves with upped framerates which is pretty cool if you are one for a smoother experience.’

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