The Evil Within 2’s Latest Patch Enhances The Game for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Tango Gameworks most recent patch (update 1.02) for the recently released horror title, The Evil Within 2 has been confirmed to add support for both Sony and Microsoft’s beefed up consoles.

For the PS4, players will now be able to play the title in 1260P and Xbox One X at 1800P. Both consoles also find themselves with upped framerates which is pretty cool if you are one for a smoother experience.


  • Increased display resolution (2240 x 1260 native resolution output at 3840 x 2160 on 4K TV)
  • Allows substantially higher frame rates when PS4 Pro output set to 1080p
  • Improved framerate stability
  • Option to disable 30 fps limit for higher frame rates


  • Increased display resolution (3200 x 1800 native resolution output at 3840 x 2160)
  • Improved framerate stability
  • Option to disable 30 fps limit for higher frame rate

Other than that, the patch also introduces a couple of bug and stability fixes, alongside fixes for the story progression. To check out all the changes, check out the patch notes below.

The Evil Within 2 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Fixed issue where Sebastian could warp to a new location after pickup up certain items, or executing a melee attack
  • Fixed issue that could cause Sebastian to fall through floor after executing a stomp attack at the entrance to an airduct
  • Fixed issue where certain enemies become invulnerable after an Anima event ends
  • Sebastian can now break free and fight back if attacked while solving an Oscilloscope puzzle
  • Fixed issue where Sebastian could get locked behind gate in Theodore’s stronghold if attacked while opening it
  • Fixed issue where the Guardian or Watcher could freeze in place after executing Instant Kill attacks
  • The double-barreled shotgun can no longer be equipped in the gasmask sequence
  • Brass Knuckles can now be used to execute Sneak Kills on staggered enemies who are facing you
  • Can now use Ambush skill with Brass Knuckles equipped
  • Corrected issue that could skip Autosave before Harbinger battle
  • Corrected issue that could cause Sebastian’s health to deplete at start of Harbinger battle
  • Increased duration of burning effect of EX Harpoon Bolts on Effigy enemy
  • Fixed issue that could cause Sykes mission failure when fighting at the edge of the area
  • If you get Slide 11 but don’t view it on the projector in the same playthrough, you are now able to level up skills in New Game+
  • Fixed some AI issues with Obscura, Stefano and Harbinger enemies
  • All environmental objects work correctly in Harbinger boss fight
  • Fixed issue that could cause Effigy enemy to remain stationary
  • Fixed issue that could cause Sebastian to get stuck after opening a garage door in the residential area
  • Fixed issue where player could become unable to move after Sneak Killing an enemy as an Anima event starts
  • Fixed issue where Laura could disappear when player rotates valve in boss fight
  • Corrected number of locker keys awarded in the shooting range Gallery Mode after lowering difficulty from Classic
  • Fixed issue that could prevent events from progressing correctly after picking up “Woman’s Journal”
  • Multiple-choice conversations now continue correctly after using ESC key to pause/unpause during conversation
  • Fixed UI to correctly indicate that medical items cannot be used when in cover
  • Fixed UI issues that could leave UI elements on screen after completing interaction with item or device
  • Fixed several sound and graphic issues related to cut scenes and communicator in certain languages
  • Gamma setting is now always properly restored to what it was before launching the game
  • Fixed crash that could occur when skipping the movie after the Stefano fight
  • Fixed crash that could occur after the movie where Myra shows up in Sebastian’s old house
  • Various graphic/sound/text fixes and improvements