LawBreakers On Nintendo’s Switch Could Happen – But Unlikely

Cliff Blesenzkies LawBreakers hasn’t been performing as well as Boss Key studios would have hoped, the games numbers on steam have been dropping drastically since launch – with the latest statistics yielding a player count of under 100 in 24hrs.

Given the poor statistics, it would make sense that the studio grab players from anywhere possible – including Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch.

In an Interview with Gamespot,¬†Bleszinski praised Nintendo’s console and said if Boss Key were to make a Switch edition, the studio make the best use of the system’s unique qualities. That being said, it may never happen.

“We would probably consider the Xbox first, and then we’re very much in wait and see mode right now,” Bleszinski explained. “It is a fine console, the Switch … the entire concept of it is just brilliant. Nintendo just really knocked it out of the park with this one.”

Continuing Bleszinski said that if a Switch version did happen it would most definitely have to incorporate the console portable capabilities,

“I sit back and think about what kind of experience [we would have for LawBreakers on Switch],” Bleszinski said. “If we were to do the Switch, would it be like a rocket arena, 1v1 with nearby people or something like that? I don’t know. But if we were to do it, we’d want to switch the game up in a fun and interesting way, that would make itself work with the portability aspect of the console.”

LawBreakers is out now on PC and PS4.