LawBreakers Steam Hits An All Time Low

Boss Key’s first-person shooter was hailed as the next ‘multi-million dollar’ franchise by influential game developer Cliff Bleszinski. Unfortunately, the title hasn’t really panned out as well as the studio would have hoped. With the game’s player count consistently dropping – the title has now hit an all-time low of 97 players on PC.

If you have a look at the steam charts that only 34 players were online in the past half an hour as of this time of writing peaking by 97 players in the past 24hrs.

Considering the popularity of other games on Steam such as battle-royale Player Unknown’s BattlegroundsCounter-Strike: GO and Valve’s flagship, DOTA 2, it’s no wonder the game – although a solid and fun shooter – is barely scraping away at these competing titles. The only hope for Boss Key right now is to focus on the PS4 release and bringing the game to Xbox One.

In other Steam news, Cuphead is performing brilliantly, taking home 500K sales since launch.

‘The recently released 1920’s cartoon-themed platformer Cuphead, has hit an impressive milestone on Steam. Releasing only two weeks ago, the title has already pushed 500K sales via valves platform. It’s a pretty significant number – especially considering the titles distinct artstyle.’