Step Into the Stealthy, Cold-War Stylised World of Sneaker

Indie studio ThreeBeak is tapping into the stealth market with its inconspicuously charming title Sneaker

Framed against a backdrop of Cold War Europe, Sneaker tasks you with manoeuvring through enemy territory as covertly as possible. You’re a super spy with little tools other than the shoes on your feet, but luckily, that’s all you need. In Sneaker, shoes, socks and shoelaces become collectibles you can use to create distractions, or gently bludgeon guards to sleep.

Like Frozenbyte’s Shadwen, gameplay is infused with a time-manipulation mechanic that lets you ‘undo’ any mistakes and sneak by perfectly every time. In contrast to the good majority of stealth games, Sneaker eliminates the need for timely quick-saves.

You’ll need to hide in the shadows to avoid being seen, but Sneaker comes with a special perk when it comes to audibility. Sounds and noises physical manifest themselves in the air, informing players whether they’ve been heard, need to tread more quietly, and if additional guards are clued into a previous disturbance.

Sneaker has a projected 2018 release frame. You can wishlist it today on Steam.