EVERSPACE Receives Gigantic ‘Ecounters’ DLC for PC, Xbox One

Much-loved cosmic shooter EVERSPACE will be updated with a major expansion, developer Rockfish Games has confirmed.

EVERSPACE fully released in May 2017 after achieving success on kickstarter two years prior. Rockfish decided to let the game evolve through Steam’s early access program, but has continued responding to community feedback with numerous patches and hotfixes post-launch (here, here, and here).

The ‘Encounters’ expansion brings a new player ship (the Colonial Sentinel), additional factory space stations, the ability to visit Okkar Homeworld, extra enemies, and individual questlines offered by new story characters. Altogether, a bonus 10 hours of gameplay is being pumped into the main game.

Steam and GOG faithfuls can expect the Encounters expansion to release by the end of October. Rockfish is currently in the process of transferring EVERSPACE to UE4.17 to enable Xbox One X support, which will be ready alongside a free game update in February 2018.

We took EVERSPACE for a spin in both its alpha and beta stages, concluding its solid combination of combat, exploration and progression translated to a noteworthy space journey.

Interested players can pick up a copy for $29.99 USD through Steam, GOG, or the Microsoft store.