COUGAR Unleashes Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Cougar’s PURI and PURI TKL mechanical keyboards finally release this month with the promise of expertly catering to your FPS gaming needs. Both models sport German-made Cherry MX mechanical switches, optimised for reliable performance and solid tactile feedback. Dying on the battlefield due to stuck keys is a thing of the past.

If you’re a night owl, the generous backlight and per-key customisation are glad to assist. Both keyboards offer up to 10 different customised backlight modes (with 20 preset), allowing you to quickly and accurately identify keys for different games and applications.

The PURI and PURI TKL models boast an ultra-compact, tenkeyless design, maximising your desk space while retaining comfort and familiarity. They also come with an ergonomic 3-step height and angle adjustment for accessibility. Travelling in wet weather won’t be a problem either, thanks to a solid, magnetic protective cover that’s also pressure resistant. In contrast to the PURI, PURI TKL axes the numpad for enhanced portability, and will be accompanied with an exclusive 8 metal keycap set at select retailers.

Both COUGAR PURI and PURI TKL will be available to the public later this month. The Puri TKL is priced at a highly competitive $70 USD, while the Puri comes in slightly more expensive at $80 USD.