Ravishing Roguelite Aura of Worlds Inching Closer to Release

Passion project Aura of Worlds is Cognitive Forge’s take on the immortal 2D platformer genre. Prioritising improvisation and exploration, it has players guide a miniature hooded adventurer through seven totally randomised levels. And when you’re fleeing tides of lava, dodging necromancers or weaving through flooded corridors, it’s pretty hard to stay still.

There’s a colossal number of enemy types – 50 to be precise – challenging bosses, and complex scenarios that you can work through using multiple playstyles; lanterns are both light sources and molotov cocktails, force fields can be cleared by hurling enemies at them (via the grab and throw mechanic) or with a special cloaking device – the choice is yours. It’s a classic exercise in thinking fast, plotting your next steps, and avoiding any deadly traps.

Greenlit last year, Aura of Worlds will be releasing as an early access title within the next month or so. You can stay up to date with the game’s progress through Twitter or Facebook.