Retro Combat Racer Auto Age: Standoff is Out Today

Indie team Phantom Compass (has gone full steam ahead and released its futuristic retro racer Auto Age: Standoff for PC audiences.

Get ready for a cartoon style, vehicular combat adventure that rests on a bedrock of 80’s synthwave music, a fine range of weapons and gadgets, and over 14 cars in various classes to take on a campaign of reckless road rage. Auto Age: Standoff features a singleplayer campaign in addition to local and online co-op, and a multiplayer mode for battling it out with friends (and strangers). Phantom Compass ensures that beyond the missile-firing, mine-launching, car-ramming mayhem, there’s a new kind of cel-shaded multiplayer experience to be found. Currently, deathmatch, team deathmatch and base assault modes are available, but there will be extra game content coming before the end of 2017.

Auto Age: Standoff is out now on Steam. Interested players can pick it up with a 20% discount for $15.99 USD until September 29.