Auto Age: Standoff, The 80s Style Car Combat You’ve Been Craving

Lazy Saturday mornings, retro cartoons and manic car melee are the three secret ingredients to Auto Age: Standoff, Phantom Compass’ up and coming combat title. It’s 2080, and post-civilisation America is looking very much like the forsaken deserts in The Book of Eli.

The only things with a pulse are wheeled gangs, for whom brawling and skirmishing in rounds of vehicular destruction is a way of life. There are two factions to choose from—Val Vega or Dark Jaw—but the objective is the same: customise your favourite car with mines, boosters, and missile launchers and obliterate other players in private battles or rampaging online clashes in a beautiful split-screen presentation. A total of five wasteland maps lay at your mercy. They support classic death match, and point capture mode for up to 12 players.

Auto Age: Standoff is set to release for PC on September 21 through Steam. The price of admission is set at $19.99 USD.