Quirky Western Point & Click ‘Slap Village: Reality Slap’ Now On Sale

Delightfully weird, humorous and unchained from the pressures of modern day life, Slap Village: Reality Slap takes you right back to the dusty Wild West. Play as Lurditas, a young lass who finds herself confronted with a string of conspiracies, shamanic practices, real life aliens, and a steam locomotive with Wifi. Did I say unchained from modern life? Scratch that part.

Beyond the charming cartoon visuals, Slap Village: Reality Slap lets you explore a native American town, where you’ll be kept busy with challenging jigsaw puzzles, strange minigames, and even stranger conversations. The wacky, seemingly random events are all interconnected somehow, and it’s up to Lurditas and her pet mouse Rasta to figure out what’s up. To do it, she’ll need to unearth hidden secrets, and travel back through time to the Mesozoic era.

If you’re thinking this game’s a bizarre, anachronistic mess of awesomeness, you’re absolutely right.

Slap Village: Reality Slap is currently on sale through Steam for $2.49 USD (normal price $9.99 USD).