Super Mario 64 Fan Mod Lets You Play as Different Nintendo Characters

Revered as a 3D platforming classic, Super Mario 64 has now been transformed into a multiplayer extravaganza thanks to the efforts of YouTuber Kaze Emanuar.

Working together with MelonSpeedruns and Marshivolt, Emanuar created a mod on top of the base ROM for Super Mario 64, weaving in online multiplayer functionality for up to 24 players. Instead of controlling just Mario, who has apparently quit the plumbing professionSuper Online 64 lets you select from a range of popular Nintendo characters including: Yoshi, Waluigi, Peach, Wario, Rosalina and Toad.

The original video has since been blocked by Nintendo on copyright grounds, but the beta test video is still available. Emanuar accompanied the mod launch with a tutorial explaining how to set it up, as well as how to host a server.

Interested players can download the mod here and here.

Author’s comments:

There seems to be a trend toward including co-op and multiplayer experiences in iconic Nintendo franchises: Hyrule Warriors (2014), Yo-Kai Watch (2015), Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (2016), Mario Sports Superstars (2017) and the recent unveiling of Kirby: Star Allies (2018) confirm Nintendo’s ‘play together’ ethos. In such a climate, the possibility of a future multiplayer version of Super Mario 64 (not unlike Emanuar’s mod) feels rather tangible.