The Alchemist Rumored To Contribute Music to ‘GTA 5’ Soundtrack

gta 5

A fresh batch of rumors are abound for Rockstar's upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5. This time around, word would have it that the rapper Alan Daniel Maman, a.k.a. The Alchemist, is having a new song of his featured in the upcoming game.

The Alchemist reportedly tweeted out the news to his fanbase on Twitter, but has since deleted the post—presumably as a precaution as he may not have received permission from Rockstar to make the announcement. The rapper had previously contributed a track to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the handheld and mobile platforms, so it won't be the first time his work has made it into a Rockstar game.

Like Kavinsky before him, Rockstar tends to feature real world musicians as a part of their game soundtracks. His music, should it make it in, will be available on one of the game's radio stations.

At this point, it's unknown what music will make it into the game, apart from Kavinsky, who himself has yet to disclose which track he'll be contributing to the game upon its release this Spring.

His previous track in Chinatown Wars can be listened to in the YouTube embed below the fold.