Nintendo Forced to Pay $10 Million Over Wii Lawsuit

Seems like Nintendo is getting shot from every direction this year, with the most recent issue in the news being a lawsuit against their 2006 console, the Wii.

A Dallas jury awarded iLife Technologies $10 million finding Nintendo America guilty of a patent infringement lawsuit.

The technology iLife sued Nintendo over was designed to detect when elderly individuals fell and monitor babies for sudden infant death syndrome. The company sought after $144 million in total damages, $4 for each of the 36 million Wii systems sold prior to the suit being filed, along with an injunction against Nintendo’s use of the technology in question.

Nintendo’s defence was the patent was improperly written, leaving space for misinterpretation, causing it to be invalid. During the same time iLife also sued other companies such as Fitbit and Under Armour – both of which were dismissed. Seems like Nintendo just drew the unlucky straw.