Nintendo Faces Lawsuit over Switch Joy-cons

Following a legal battle over Nintendo’s 3DS, the gaming company is going back to court – this time for the Switch’s Joy-cons.

Filed by Gamevice, a  company invested in gaming on smartphones, the group has attacked the Switch’s similarities between the console and its peripheral, the Wikipad. The Wkipad peripheral basically provides controllers to mobile devices, allowing the device to slot in in a similar way to Nintendo’s Switch.

For now, Gamevice doesn’t want to communicate on this case but has requested a financial compensation and a ban on the sale of the Switch.

Previously Nintendo faced a similar lawsuit whereby Tomita Technologies has accused Nintendo of patent infringement for the google-free 3d technology the 3DS uses. In the end, Nintendo won the 3DS still offsets two images to create a 3D illusion, but not in a substantially similar way as Tomita’s old patent. Nintendo is no stranger to these lawsuits, let’s see if the massive gaming company can hold off Gamevice.

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