Radio the Universe Is Your First Buzz Worthy Kickstarter of 2013

All afternoon, everyone has been abuzz about a proposed game on Kickstarter game that, if delivered as promised, might be something that all old school and indie game fanatics have been aching for. Even if they didn't know it existed

The game is called Radio The Universe and appears to be the handiwork of just one person, John S Park, aka 6e6e6e. He explains:

I blended classic Zelda and dark science fiction and drank the ensuing mixture. It was Radio the Universe.

Players will feel aesthetic and gameplay influences from titles like Yume Nikki, Symphony of the Night, Hotline Miami, and Dark Souls, with a tinge of 2D JRPGs thrown into the mix.

RtU is a challenging and atmospheric sci-fi game with SNES-style visuals and a sinister, offbeat narrative.

When a proposed game is being described, it’s common to hear a list of games from which inspiration is being drawn from, to also help paint the mental imagery. Clearly the very idea of something that combines Castlevania and Dark Souls (among other things) has accomplished its mission of getting people excited.

Though it also helps that the game does look legitimately compelling. With 20 days to go, it has already surpassed its original goal of $12,000 three fold. Next are the stretch goals, with the next milestone being $41,000, which basically extends the game in numerous ways. There is little doubt that the goal will be reached.

It costs as little as $10 to secure a copy, though it is recommended to go for the $25 option, which is a special Kickstarter-only edition that has extra content.