No Man’s Sky Original 1.0 vs 1.32 Graphics Comparison PS4

With the latest Atlas update in Hello Game’s No Man’s Skygamers across the board have been discussing whether or not it’s too late for the open-world planetary exploration title considering it’s ridiculously rocky launch last year.

So far it seems that the consensus has been positive and negative. No Man’s Sky has come a long way, but it still isn’t where it should be yet. Youtuber Cyuc1 decided to

Youtuber Cyuc1 created a short clip comparing the game when it launched to where it is now. He noted that the game’s formula should be compared more so than the actual environment due to procedural generation.

“Please note that due to procedurally generated environments it is just not possible to ideal match two scenes. Instead let’s focus on Super Formula itself and check how does it works in original version of the game and latest 1.32 Update. 

To create this comparison I have used the very same Save File and starting place, right by the crashed ship. 
What do you guys think?”

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and PC.

Trying to figure out how to participate in No Man’s Sky multiplayer? We’ve set up a guide, for those trying to figure it out, here.

Multiplayer has finally arrived in No Man’s Sky, included in the often times mysterious Atlas Rising update. You can finally find other players in the vast galaxy and explore planets — don’t think of it as “multiplayer” — it’s really joint exploration. Interaction is extremely limited, but you can still talk to friends (or strangers) online.