Black Isle Studios Posts Irate Facebook Rant In Response To Gamasutra Article

Black Isle Studios

Black Isle Studios, the defunct studio best known for the Fallout series of games and recently resurrected by Interplay for the sake of banking on nostalgia, launched a crowdfunding drive to support the development of something.

The undead studio put up a page seeking public donations to work on a game called Project V13. Little else was disclosed with the crowdfunding drive, and unlike projects on Kickstarter, Black Isle Studios failed to disclose how much funding they are seeking, nor how much money had been contributed to the drive.

Needless to say, the whole fishy venture prompted Gamasutra to write an article which called the project a "text book example of crowdsourcing gone wrong." We covered that yesterday.

The studio has since responded to these allegations with a rant obviously directed at the publication. It's painfully evident that the folks at Interplay weren't too happy with the expose. They posted it on their Facebook page, and it reads as follows:

— Update #2 — Why you shouldn’t donate.

Something you should think about before donating or telling your friends to donate. You might be the cause of a small number of people sitting in their cramped, dark f****** shelter depressed because they’re not sitting in their cramped, dark f****** for real because the world didn’t really end.

Got that? Some people won’t be happy you’re helping.

So, if you have no compassion for those apocaleptics who want it all to come down around our ears (but not theirs), then you probably shouldn’t put in a contribution. But if those people, sitting in their ivory dungeons, annoy the hell out of you with their barrels of water, stacks of freeze dried, and smug attitudes, then maybe you should just empty the bank account on this project. Just to spite them.

When you've dug a hole so deep and you find yourself without a ladder, the only option is to keep digging—I guess.