No Man’s Sky Hit’s Top 100 Of Most Played Games on Steam

Is Hello Games slowly redeeming itself? Maybe so! With the recent update titled Atlas Rising, which finally adds co-op functionality to the space RPG, No Man’s Sky has made it onto Steam’s list of most played titles.

Earlier today, No Man’s Sky made it onto the top 100 most played games on steam with a number of 6100 – it seems like there is no slowing down anytime soon either, the game has peaked to over 9000 today alone.

Could this be a sign of change for Sean Murray’s dismally performing game? It seems the Studio is working really hard to get everything out that they originally had intended when announcing the game. Hopefully, these free updates will bring in more players into the Universe and increase sales.

Trying to figure out how to participate in No Man’s Sky multiplayer? We’ve set up a guide, for those trying to figure it out, here.

Multiplayer has finally arrived in No Man’s Sky, included in the often times mysterious Atlas Rising update. You can finally find other players in the vast galaxy and explore planets — don’t think of it as “multiplayer” — it’s really joint exploration. Interaction is extremely limited, but you can still talk to friends (or strangers) online.