Final Fantasy XIII packs a solid 50-60 hrs. of gameplay

final fantasy Xiii

Final Fantasy never ceases to give a solid lengthy gameplay experience to gamers and you are not going to be disappointed this time around either. In a recent Interview, FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama said,

For XIII, the size of the entire game is considerable. Just running through the main story takes experienced players over 50 hours. For the first time, I think it’s possible to play through in full in about 60 hours or so.

Final Fantasy XIII, rumored to be delayed due to the game’s announcement for the Xbox 360, is all set to give fans a lengthy stay in the Final Fantasy Universe come March 9.
Square Enix has also released the Box art for both Xbox 360 and the PS3:
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Bioshock2 PC boxart
final fantasy 13 xbox boxart