Square Enix Profits Rise, NieR: Automata, Brave Exvius & Final Fantasy XIV Key Earners

Japanese company Square Enix has released its quarterly financial results for the months of April through June, and things are definitely looking up. As of June 30, net sales reached  ¥57,000 million (an 11.3% increase compared to last year) while company profit reached  ¥8,368 million (a 56.8% increase).

Much of Square Enix’s success is attributed to strong downloads sales of titles like NieR: Automata, which helped raise operating income. Games in the mobile and PC sector (Final Fantasy: Brave ExviusKingdom Hearts Union χ and Hoshi no Dragon Quest) also contributed to the rise of net sales and operating profit. Within the MMORPG space, Square Enix cited the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood, as a key revenue earner thanks to the increase of monthly subscribers. In total, net sales across the Digital Entertainment reached ¥44,168 million for the console sector (up by 17.7% from last year) and ¥13,724 million for the mobile and PC sector (up by 44.9% from last year).

Source: Square Enix