New Battlefield Game Coming 2018

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has announced that there will be a new part in the Battlefield series. In an investor call for next year, Wilson noted a couple of the games being developed by the Frostbitebite Engine, with EA’s DICE being mentioned. When asked about 2018 being the year for a new Battlefield game, Wilson responded, stating

“We will continue to provide our Battlefield fans, including the next major franchise game.”

What the next Battlefield game will be is yet to be revealed. Some fans are calling for another Bad Company title, or a remake of Battlefield Vietnam – personally, I hope the modern shooter series is continued if not, a Battlefield 2141 would also be phenomenal, but judging by Call of Duty’s downfall last year, I doubt that’s a realistic expectation.

In other Battlefield news, the next expansion In The Name of The Tsar is set to release very soon, check out the details, here.

The DLC is described as “the most extensive Battlefield expansion so far,” and it sure does add some new features to the massively successful shooting franchise. Battlefield 1 players will finally get to battle it out in night maps, such as Nivelle Nights. The expansion pack includes six new maps in total, the Russian “Women’s Battalion of Death,” and adds the Russian army as well. During the conference, EA DICE revealed Battlefield 1 will receive a total of eight maps hopefully by September.