THQ and Mattel enter a deal to bring toys to video games

The deal between THQ and Mattel will bring the huge toy property brands of Mattel to the video game space. With franchises like Fisher-Price, Barbie and Hot Wheels, THQ will produce and distribute to further expand their family friendly catalog. The collaboration will also expand the universes Polly Pocket, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em and probably most exciting Masters of the Universe. As power fantasies go, he-Man is pretty much one of the top ones. I hope they do the franchise justice.

They'll be bringing the properties to pretty much everything you can play games on consoles, handhelds, online distributions, PCs, mobile devices, social networking services and even THQ's own uDraw tablet. The first game for the latter one will be Pictionary. Which given what it is, sounds exactly what it was made for.

No further specifics have been released.