Rumor: Infiity Ward’s next game a Modern Warfare prequel

An industry source speaking with, a source that has been accurate with information regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops prior to its release and naming Kinect before E3, has said the next Call of Duty game by Infinity Ward will be a prequel to Modern Warfare. The source says the new title will not be created on a new engine, wont be called Modern Warfare 3 or be released this year. This seems in line with Activision spreading the Call of Duty franchise out to three studios while still keeping up annual releases. If the cycle keeps up Infinity Ward's next game would be slated for 2012. The focus of the game would be the character Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 about the events leading up to Call of Duty 4 and how he became a member of Task Force 141. The player will supposedly revisit locals from both Modern Warfare titles from a different point of view.

This rumor has neither been confirmed nor denied at this time.