PSA: The Surge Demo is Available for Your Pleasure

Focus Home Interactive announced there would be a demo for The Surge last week, but the details were relatively scarce. Today, the publisher unveiled a release trailer packed with gameplay highlights from various streamers and YouTubers, really emphasising the more nail-biting moments.

The demo lets you play from the beginning, when CREO is hit by a catastrophe that acts as the impetus for your adventure. Dressed in a high-maintenance exoskeleton, your job is to defy robots and bosses that have gone haywire, looting their corpses for essential tools. Hours of unlocked content are available, giving you the chance to taste The Surge’s directional limb-targeting and get one step closer to the truth behind CREO. Naturally, the demo supports PS4 Pro. All progress made in the demo should you decide to purchase the full game.

Try out The Surge today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. The Surge went gold before its May release. For tips and tricks on how to beat bosses, locate audio logs and more, make sure you check out Gameranx’s official guides.